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Welcome to Empowering Our Girlz Mentoring, NFP (EOG) website.

Empowering Our Girlz is a not-for-profit mentoring organization that serves as resource and network of support for girls ages 10-18.

Mission: To assist girls in their transition from childhood to womanhood through education and effective mentoring while instilling self love. pride, and respect.

Our ongoing goal is to empower young girls with their own potential to be leaders in their lives as well as in their communities.

We have established a core program that provides a series
of seminars lead by various community volunteers in order  to boost their physical and social health. These seminars will be used as a stepping stone for girls to learn more about navigating the world they live in. Also to assist these girls in setting their goals and achieving a higher level of success when it comes to graduating high school.

Example: According to current statistics for the North Lawndale projects, most high schools are graduating at a 60% rate.  In an effort to combat this number and raise it we plan to partner with different programs that are offered for high school aged teenagers. E.O.G. focus on the girl’s future, through workshops, community service, and other self-esteem building exercises. We will instill self-love, pride, and respect in these young ladies.

E.O.G. Creed:
E-Everything around me deserves respect and will receive it starting with above all myself.
O-Obstacles are the struggles that will build my strength and see me threw to success.
G-Greatness is what I have and great is who I AM.

We hope you find this website helpful, and encourage you to stay empowered.
Thanks for visiting our site.

Arishe' M. Little